GoDaddy feels the heat
Date: Thursday March 13 2008, @03:46AM
Topic: Registrars

GoDaddy pulled (but has since "pushed"?) the hosting plug on the website According to the site's owner, Gino Sesto, GoDaddy did so without warning then later attributed it to "suspicious activity," and still later to the site's surpassing its contracted bandwidth limit. According to WiReD, GoDaddy initially claimed it couldn't comment because of its privacy policy but later saw fit to reluctantly poke its spoon around in a bowl of verbal porridge on the subject. ArsTechnica has more. Arbiters of taste pointed out that the site's owner might have less trouble if he'd called it, say, "". ICANN wasn't involved in any way; this kerfuffle just reminded me of the shining moment in ICANN's history when former ICANN President "Cap'n" Mike Roberts—no doubt grimly—typed:

When civilization takes a step backward, as it did last week, it usually means a period in which the people with the guns make the decisions. Anyone watching the American President on tv in recent days knows that's where we're at. It may be a while before the luxury of debating what constitutes consensus in a terrorist-less society returns.
It's been a while, Cap'n Mike.

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