Kidnapping Domains
Date: Sunday September 09 2007, @07:12PM
Topic: Registrars

Vision writes "I became acutely aware of ICANN and its 'role' when my domains were recently kidnapped by ONLINENIC.COM. I have had an account with for years. I was willing to forgive all the quirkiness they demonstrate because their prices are the cheapest. After I received a renewal notice, I went to renew a bunch of domains, and they changed my password. I did not realize they were based in China when I signed up....

I became acutely aware of ICANN and its 'role' when my domains were recently kidnapped by ONLINENIC.COM
A few questions to consider, and then my story: 1) Should there be very clear protocols for password recovery? 2) How can the end user of a registrar asses the differences between registrars?

(it was in my keychain - so it is very clear that the change was on their end) For over a month we went back and forth with email. They kept adding requirements until it reached a point of total absurdity. Each time they asked for something, I provided it. Yet each time, instead of sending a new password, they had come up with yet another requirement! Their demand shortly before cutting off all communication was that I send them full color scans of my driver license and passport!

This registrar is based in China, yet they have an office in San Francisco. I did not realize they were based in China when I signed up - it is not obvious until you visit ICANN. I can't renew, or change name-servers, or do anything with any of my domains - this is a huge problem. It is clear that ONLINENIC is much more concerned about collecting scanned color images of passports than following any ICANN guidelines.

I emailed ICANN with no response other than to qualify as a non-spammer. The person at ICANN who answered my phone call made it clear that she did not know the answer to any question I asked or was going to ask. Is there any way to get control of domains away from a hostile registrar like ONLINENIC? Should there be a way?

There is a worldwide stampede to make common people jump through countless hoops in fear for security and give up all their rights and privacy. I think most people have lost nearly all appreciation for rights and privacy, who need 'em. ONLINENIC at one point pretended their new policy was in case my email had been hijacked. let me tell you, this is one slick hijack if anyone understands email. Not to mention the passion of the 'hijacker' in this case to have long conversations by email day after day.

ICANN accreditation should mean something. It should be easily revoked. It should have an effect on the registrar's function. ICANN, from my point of view, is useless, I expect that they would not even argue this contention. They are just as unresponsive as ONLINENIC.
They ARE the governing body yet they pretend to not be. They do 95% of the functions of a typical governing body, yet they have omitted the accountability, and the enforcement. No surprise, the goal of every modern corporation is to have full control with no accountability.
We, the users of the internet, need a real body of governance which is rotated every year and handled like open-source. e
If DNS registration was total anarchy, how would it be different from what we have now with ICANN?
I expect that I would have many more avenues open to regain control of my domains.


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