Registry contracts secretly amended and extended
Date: Tuesday June 26 2007, @03:30PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

ehasbrouck writes "In response to my comments in the public forum on registry failure plans, and on the GA list, ICANN Chief gTLD Registry Liaison Craig Schwartz has revealed that ICANN has "granted" secret amendments to extend the .AERO, .COOP and .MUSEUM sTLD agreements.

In a follow-up, I point out that any such secret "grant", without the procedures required by the Bylaws (notice of the proposal, public comment, notice of the Board agenda, Board vote, etc.) is null and void, and should be reconsidered "de novo", according to the procedures required by the Bylaws."

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Harkens back to 1999...
by KarlAuerbach on Wednesday June 27 2007, @03:24PM (#16956)
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This situation has a predecessor:

Back in 1999 ICANN entered into an agreement with Network Soltions (before it evolved into Verisign) under which ICANN began its series of gifts unto Verisign.

That agreement was made with complete disregard of the clearly defined processes in ICANN's bylaws.

I complained - ion_req.htm
[] - but was rejected, as were all such complaints - by ICANN's reconsideration committee.

I filed a request for indepenedent review - which was lost because ICANN diddled around and never bothered to create a review panel.

I still believe that my compaint is valid and, if so, then the entire chain of agreements with Verisign should be considered null.
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