Independent Review and Info Disclosure Policies
Date: Monday June 25 2007, @06:27AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

ehasbrouck writes "The day before the start of the San Juan meeting, ICANN has quietly posted newly proposed or newly disclosed information disclosure and independent review procedures.

In the guise of measures for transparency and independent review, ICANN has posted policies and procedures which would make explicit ICANN's secrecy and lack of accountability to the public or to any independent body. In their fine print, these policies and procedures would violate ICANN's Bylaw's on transparency and independent review, and strip those provisions of the Bylaws of any practical meaning or value.

As part of its proposed ICANN Accountability and Transparency Frameworks and Principles, ICANN has proposed a new Documentary Information Disclosure Policy, and has posted a new link to a newly revised page on the ICANN Web site, which has new links to two pages on another Web site which are claimed to constitute the Independent Review Provider (IRP) and the procedures for independent review of decisions by ICANN.

These are the most important changes to ICANN's policies for transparency, accountability, and procedural due process since the 2002 "reform" process and revisions to ICANN's Bylaws.

Of course, none of these policies is the result of a policy development and decision-making process that complied with ICANN's procedural rules.

I've posted as detailed comments to ICANN's public forum as my time and the short notice permit, listing a few of the most obvious direct contradictions between the proposed policies and ICANN's Bylaws."

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Policies and frameworks
by Kieren McCarthy on Thursday July 05 2007, @02:16AM (#16957)
User #4206 Info
I'm afraid this amounts to a gross misrepresentation of what the documents are and what they say, viewed almost entirely through the lens of Ed's ongoing and lengthy dispute with ICANN.

First of all, they are draft documents, there was a public session held on them, there is a public comment period open on them now and they will be revised accordingly.

Documents have to come from somewhere.

Ed's focus is entirely on the information disclosure policy because that is the area where he has a personal dispute, but that misses some very significant documents including consultation principles, translation principles and a code of conduct.

These help fill gaps that the Internet community has been complaining about for at least five years.

The addition of webpages that outline clearly the different review processes is also clearly a step forward.

And if people review the transcript of the public meeting they'll find a very interesting discussion between Milton Mueller, Vint Cerf, Jon Nevitt, Peter Dengate-Thrush, Bernie Turcotte, Susan Crawford and others that discuss changes that may need to be made to ICANN's structure with regard to wider accountability -- and to the disclosure policy.

I would strongly advise anyone interested in how ICANN develops read all the documents and digest them before throwing out knee-jerk negative responses.

Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN
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