Launch of Information Society Watch
Date: Thursday April 05 2007, @05:50AM
Topic: The Big Picture

Vivek Vaidyanathan writes IT for Change ( has launched a beta version of ‘Information Society Watch’ (, a resource portal providing a Southern perspective on information society (IS) issues. IS Watch attempts to address the imperative of catalysing new perspectives, frameworks and concepts rooted in the development experience of the global South. It is a response to the need for building a Southern discourse on the information society phenomenon, which so far has mostly been interpreted by Northern actors.

IS Watch is directed at scholars, activists, NGOs and government officials. It offers resources and analytical tools for unpacking the structural and political dimensions of the information society, to enable social change actors to reinterpret their work in relation to the new realities. Organised along a simple scheme that serves those who may be looking for practical and theoretical aspects on the information society, IS Watch has three key focus areas:

  • Information Society Policies
  • ICT for Development, and
  • Society & Culture

IS Watch approaches the information society discourse with a key premise that for anyone interested in development and change, the stakes in the politics of information society are high.

IS Watch is part of IT for Change’s “Information Society for the South Project”. Visitors to the site are encouraged to send feedback and suggestions.

IT for Change
Bridging Development Realities and Technological Possibilities
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Re: Information Society for the South Project
by Elisabeth on Thursday April 05 2007, @07:20AM (#16941)
User #3971 Info
Mistakenly I assumed the South as the South.

Mistakenly I assumed it will be multilingua (after being quite agressively told over Lisbon Joint IDN meeting that there is no less than 22 languages in India, using no less than 3 different scipts).

Otherwise everything is ok.
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