ICANN again ducks questions on independent review
Date: Sunday October 08 2006, @09:10AM
Topic: The Big Picture

ehasbrouck writes: "Statements by ICANN over the last two weeks suggest that ICANN might finally be willing to allow some sort of "independent" review, if and only if I'm willing to abandon my original request, and make a new request under new rules, thereby (A) letting them make up the rules as they go along, secretly, unilaterally, and retroactively, and (B) letting them off the hook for not having bothered to comply with any of the procedural rules that are supposed to govern their decision-making on policy matters like the selection of the arbitration provider and the adoption of independent review procedures.

But acquiescing to this would defeat the principles that led me to file my independent review request in the first place, a year and a half ago: I want ICANN to follow its own rules, particularly with respect to procedural due process. And it would be pointed to (wrongly, but plausibly for the casual observer) as evidence that they have cleaned up their act and held themselves accountable.

Details in my blog"

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Welcome to the club
by KarlAuerbach on Sunday October 08 2006, @11:27PM (#16897)
User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
ICANN has been ignoring my request for independent review [cavebear.com] since I submitted it six years ago in 2000.

Did you ever hear why the independent review panel wasn't formed? How one worthy, I believe Tim Berners-Lee was the name, never acknowledged that he was part of the nominating committee to appoint ICANN's independent review board. Perhaps ICANN never notified him?

So, instead of appointing a new person to the nominating committee, someone who might actually help nominate an independent review panel, ICANN let the whole thing die.
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