Nominet becoming a .COM registrar
Date: Sunday October 01 2006, @05:18AM
Topic: Registrars

Ray Littoria writes "Nominet, the .uk registry, continues to prepare its resellers (they call them "tag holders") for Nominet being a .COM registrar. Becoming a .COM registrar would put Nominet, the exclusive registry for .uk domain names with its ready-made infrastructure and cash surpluses, in a highly favorable position in competition with other existing .COM registrars. Will ICANN grant Nominet .COM registrar status, bearing in mind the impact on fair competition?

From the Nominet Scope Consultations:

Selling other gTLDs (.com, .eu)
There was broad support for Nominet being able to sell other gTLDs such as .com, .eu and .org. and the idea of Nominet being a sole supplier for all an organisation's domain names met with some agreement, as it was felt that this would enable simplified management of accounts, simplified technical interfaces, and an easier working relationship with one key supplier of domain names.

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A bit overblown...
by Joe90 on Monday October 02 2006, @03:05AM (#16894)
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I was at that meeting, it was held on the 1st August and there were less than 15 attendees. The general feeling was that Nominet should have been able to make a bid for the .eu Registry when it was up for tender, and that it's memoranda and articles were too restrictive in that they forbad this, so they should be changed. One member suggested that Nominet should become a one-stop-shop for all domains. This was a suggestion from a member, not Nominet itself. You might very well think that, I couldn't possibly comment.
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