VeriSign director charged with securities fraud
Date: Friday July 21 2006, @12:15PM
Topic: Lawsuits and Judicial Decisions

GeorgeK writes "Bloomberg is reporting that Gregory Reyes is facing criminal and civil charges in relation to securities fraud. Reuters and the Mercury News also have coverage.

Mr. Reyes is a current director of VeriSign and thus the issues I raised in an earlier ICANNWatch story, regarding the ability of ICANN to terminate the VeriSign .com registry agreement using section 16.C appear to now be closer to reality. This is another reason for the DoC not to approve the new agreement, as it doesn't have similar termination provisions."

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by fnord ( on Saturday July 22 2006, @03:29PM (#16856)
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Reyes is also one of the three members of VeriSign's Compensation Committee [], a position not unrelated to what he is charged with doing at Brocade. Hmmmm, things could get even more interesting. -g
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Resignation from VeriSign Board
by GeorgeK on Wednesday August 02 2006, @03:36PM (#16867)
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Reuters is reporting [] that he has now resigned from the VeriSign Board.
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