Date: Monday June 26 2006, @10:33AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

The Register reports ICANN has extended Dr. Paul Twomey's contract for two years with a third year option (unclear if it is Twomey or ICANN that gets the option, or if there's a meaningful difference).

As Vint Cerf's term as ICANN Chair draws to its close, this decision to lock in the current CEO means that Cerf's successor will find it that much harder to be effective -- which would require bringing the runaway ICANN staff headed by Twomey to heel.

Anyone know what the salary will be next year?

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Re:what does it matter the salary?
by michael ( on Monday June 26 2006, @06:45PM (#16841)
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We know what kind of job he does: very good at some things (backroom deals, keeping the US Government on board, the ITU at arms length), very poor at others (transparency, public participation, care for end-user interests). If there is a reason to believe this will change, I have yet to hear it.

I agree that in the grand scheme of things, the nature and quality of his service is more important than whether pay (plus expenses, plus costs of various offices for his convenience etc.) is 1.5 or 5.0 times what a job like this would pay in a normal non-profit of this size. But for those of us who believe ICANN is bloated and overpaid, it is of interest to see the example set by its CEO.
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