Fewer than 8% of May '06 Domain Registrations are Real
Date: Thursday June 22 2006, @11:56AM
Topic: Registrars

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons claims the vast majority of domain registrations are part of domain kiting schemes.

92.3% of May registrations were kited domains!
Consider this: Just over 35 million names were registered for the month of May. Of those just over 2.7 million were permanent registrations. That means that 92.3% of all domain names registered were part of a scam now known as domain kiting.

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A way to avoid kiting (at least for new TLDs)?
by BeastOfBodmin on Monday June 26 2006, @04:59AM (#16836)
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Recently I read this story:

In fact, it was this story that made me aware of ICANNWatch.

Anyway I mailed the author - via a reply form, so I don't have the original - suggesting a sensible process to avoid having to evict cyber-squatters might be to automatically register companies' domains with the new TLD and give them a period in which to opt out.

It would avoid a lot of hassle for the companies that find their "digital real estate" is already occupied under a new TLD.
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