"Independent Review Provider" (Not)
Date: Monday April 24 2006, @07:02AM
Topic: Watchdogs

ehasbrouck writes "The saga continues: The arbitration company ICANN claims to have designated to provide "independent review" of whether ICANN's decisions are consistent with ICANN Bylaws says they've never heard of ICANN.

And in order to make a request to them for arbitration, I'd have to provide them with a contract which, if it exists at all, ICANN has refused to provide me, in spite of a year of explicit requests.

Details in my blog."

[Editor's note: If this is true, it shows that even at this late date, ICANN retains the power to shock. To understand why this is such a shocking revelation, you have to dig into the tangled history of this tale, one marked by serious stonewalling by ICANN. But the key point is that ICANN keeps touting this "procedure" as the only way to invoke the Independent Review process it has been blocking since it was founded. One would be forgiven for presuming that this process (whether or not it had been adopted properly according to ICANN's by-laws) would at least have taken the trouble to exist! -mf]

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shock, and awe
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Monday April 24 2006, @09:45AM (#16720)
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If only various of the many ICANN critics could be as tenacious as Edward Hasbrouck in going after a specific topic, surely ICANN's house of cards would have long since toppled.

I googled [google.ca] the adr.org website for references to ICANN and came up with zero even remotely related to independent review. There is no way to paint this complementarily: either Vint Cerf is lying or he is incompetent. -g

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