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Date: Thursday March 16 2006, @12:19PM
Topic: ICANNWatch.org

Bret Fausett has something to say to the registrars who filed a reconsideration request about the VeriSign deal.

I won't quote all the nice stuff he says about us, but I will quote this key point:

You can draw a straight line between the ICANN Board's decision to abandon accountability and its decision to give Verisign a perpetual monopoly on .COM.

An ICANN that routinely disregards its obligation to open its Board meetings to public scrutiny, even to post timely minutes, is an ICANN that can never be trusted to make decisions in the public interest.
Yes indeed, we have been saying that for some time (and so has Bret).

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Sounds like my RFR from 1999
by KarlAuerbach on Thursday March 16 2006, @05:18PM (#16641)
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In 1999 I made a similar request for reconsideration.

ICANN did, as ICANN always did, rejected it without answering the substance.

See Request For Reconsideration 99-4 [icann.org]

I subsequently filed a request for independent review - but guess where that ended up? Nowhere. That's because ICANN couldn't even get its act together to form its independent review body!

And now we have ICANN's "ombudsman" who seems to think that all of this stuff is outside of his bailiwick.
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