Date: Wednesday March 01 2006, @07:58PM
Topic: The Big Picture

Kieren McCarthy thinks ICANN just signed its own death warrant. He just might be right, although it will be a slow and painful process.

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ICANN's last and only friend
by lextext on Thursday March 02 2006, @10:59AM (#16633)
User #6 Info | http://www.lextext.com
The ultimate irony is that at the moment of ICANN's demise, it had exactly one friend -- Verisign -- the very entity that it was designed to control. And that "friend" was allied with ICANN only because it was contractually obligated.

-- Bret
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28% increase in .com pricing!
by jimrutt on Friday March 10 2006, @07:40AM (#16636)
User #3264 Info
28% increase in .com pricing!

"rock on" I say as a relatively modest VRSN shareholder.

As an otherwise unbiased observer, I must say I am utterly amased that ICANN would agree to that.

The ingredients neccessary to support registration and resolution are and have been falling in price exponentially (Moores law on registration, faster than that on resolution), while the growth in registration and resolution is more or less linear or at worst very lower order exponential.

Do the math. A massive cash windfall follows.

===================== been there, done that
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