.xxx On Hold ... Forever?
Date: Wednesday November 30 2005, @07:37PM
Topic: gTLDs hoping to enter the legacy root

Bret Fausett reports in his podcast that Vint Cerf went into the open portion of the GAC meeting and announced that .xxx was being "taken off the table" due to concerns expressed by governments. Cerf said he received inquiries from many countries asking for more time to 'review the issue'. I wonder if in light of ICANN's desire to trucle to goverments as an anti-WSIS/UN/ITO strategy .xxx stiall has any hope of ever getting an 'up or down vote' without a lawsuit? Or, if it gets to the voting stage, whether .xxx still has any chance of winning...

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More Information -- or at least more rumors
by michael (froomkin@lawUNSPAM.tm) on Wednesday November 30 2005, @08:00PM (#16552)
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More on .xxx in Bret's subsequent podcast [lextext.com], in which he reports the following "rumors" running around the hall:
  • Vint acted unilaterally, surprising some fellow Board members
  • The EU threatened to pull out of GAC unless .xxx was taken off the table
  • The US was running around trying to get other governments to oppose .xxx to take the heat off the US

Whatever the truth, even Bret, usually an ICANN supporter, is miffed with the lack of transparency at ICANN regarding .com and .xxx -- and ICANN's failure to follow its own rules.

Longtime readers will of course say, "what else is new?"

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