Registrar Blogs on Its Hatred of OpenSRS
Date: Friday November 04 2005, @07:26PM
Topic: Registrars

One major OpenSRS user really, really, really loathes the OPenSRS.

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"Sneaky Transfers"
by GeorgeK on Friday November 04 2005, @08:10PM (#16407)
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I would personally never do business with a registrar who openly brags that "we decided to instead do a “sneaky transfer/renewal” (my term!) Basically, we set up our system so whenever somebody requested to renew an OpenSRS domain, we silently transferred it to us!"

A registrar who would openly boast "we’d first modify their admin email contact" in my eyes would be lumped in with other violators of ICANN's transfer policy [], which states "The Administrative Contact and the Registered Name Holder, as listed in the Losing Registrar's or applicable Registry's (where available) publicly accessible WHOIS service are the only parties that have the authority to approve or deny a transfer request to the Gaining Registrar." A "silent" and "sneaky" transfer doesn't appear to meet those requirements.

It shows class on Tucows' part that they didn't appear to challenge those transfers, and force DreamHost to provide a FOA for each transfer. Perhaps they were happy to wash their hands of such a reseller.

Of course, expect ICANN's staff to do nothing when their registrars openly appear to violate the transfers policies.
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