You Bet Africans Should Care About ICANN
Date: Friday October 14 2005, @08:32AM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

jberryhill writes "The Kalenji of Kenya are internationally known and respected for their outstanding accomplishments in the sport of distance running. Running is an integral part of their culture. So, what better way to trade on someone else's goodwill than by trying to rip off their name:

Decathlon v. Christopher Kyengo

Synopsis - White guy goes to Africa to visit a culture legendary for a peculiar athletic prowess, then returns to Europe and seeks to obtain a monopoly on the name of an African tribe in connection with the athletic event for which that tribe is famous, and then tries to take the domain name away from an authentic African.

These people and their attorneys should be ashamed."

[Editor's note: Actually, to me the interesting thing about this case is that I think the interlopers would have won in the early years of the UDRP... -mf]

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