Almost Everything Wrong With the ICANN Staff in a Nutshell
Date: Friday July 15 2005, @02:33AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

As ICANN watchers know, Bret Fausett is part of ICANN's very loyal opposition. Neither apologist nor core insider, nor ICANN opponent, he's a veteran member of the much diminished, but still slowly replenished, band of people who think ICANN can be reformed from inside and/or that ICANN is, on balance, a good thing. He works hard within the system to try to make changes, and never seems discouraged by the quite limited, albeit non-zero, results.

It's the participation of people like Bret, in fact, that gives ICANN whatever claim to legitimacy it can muster.

Given all that, imagine what this comment by an ICANN staff member says about the ICANN staff groupthink:

A new ICANN staffer asked me this week why I was here in Luxembourg, "in the tent" in her words, since I am sometimes critical of ICANN and its processes.
Actually, on reflection, this sort of makes sense: if the ICANN meetings really are mostly for show, as I've argued for some time, with the results mostly fixed in advance, why should anyone who doesn't agree with them bother turning up?

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Re:How Much Does Tucows Pay Bret Fausett ?
by lextext on Friday July 15 2005, @11:54PM (#15744)
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Tucows is not a client of mine. I own some TCOW stock. It's publicly traded, so you can buy some too.
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