ICANN's man in Europe bows out
Date: Tuesday July 05 2005, @11:16AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

Fergie writes "Kieren McCarthy writes in The Register:

Internet overseeing organisation ICANN still has problems but it will come out of the UN's upcoming review into Internet governance with flying colours, the organisation's man in Europe, Paul Verhoef has predicted on the eve of his departure. As the first staff member located outside of California, Verhoef has played a vital role in getting ICANN accepted globally. Seconded by the European Union in January 2004, he has been on the frontline as European governments have started to ask big questions about the Internet and domain registry owners continued to express their reservations. With a very difficult patch coming up for ICANN, he himself admit that the timing is "far from perfect", but as from today he will head the European Commission's largest-ever project - the 3.5 billion euro Galileo satellite network, an upgraded version of the US' global positioning system (GPS). "Dream is a big word, but you can understand it's not something you really want to turn down," he modestly explained. We had an exit interview with him.

Read the Register interview with Paul Verhoef here."

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Verhoef unintentionally funny, and telling?
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Tuesday July 05 2005, @04:46PM (#15709)
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Yeah, I guess if WSIS doesn't even mention ICANN, then it could be seen as coming through with flying colours.

I also wonder whether Paul Verhoef made a slip of the tongue regarding .xxx not being allowed. Who other than ICANN (even more now after the recent DoC announcement) has the power to disallow .xxx? The USG. -g

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