Why Verisign?
Date: Monday April 18 2005, @11:35AM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Allan Samul writes "Still don't know why VeriSign, who does terrible job in maintaining the registry, controls .Net .Com registry. We were recently accredited by ICANN and we had to wait almost 4 months to get a test account while other registries did it in 1 day. They provided us with a bunch of junk API and it is hard to make it work. When we contact them, their support is inferior to other support staff like PIR, NeuLevel. Verisign support knows nothing about the API. I have asked them dozens of time if we can get help from their Engineers, like other registries supported us. They never help us out."

"Now we just got stuck there and never pass through that obstacle. Their tech guys are not helping us at all.

I cannot imagine why Verisign would get such contract to maintain .Com .Net registry. If they cannot provide good services and support to registrars, they should give it up. ICANN share the same blame by giving the contract to Verisign. They should give the contract to an organization like PIR who could provide good support to registrars.

VeriSign is more like a bureaucratic agency than a corporation."

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Update .NET RFP Process
by Fergie on Tuesday April 26 2005, @12:12PM (#14978)
User #4118 Info | http://fergdawg.blogspot.com/
Well, I'm not sure if anyone noticed, or not, but ICANN has posted an update [icann.org] on their web site as of April 20, 2005, with regard to reconsidering issues surrounding the .net award, etc. - ferg
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