ICANN, ITU merge
Date: Friday April 01 2005, @05:18AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

ICANN and ITU today jointly announced that they have signed an MoU which cancels and supersedes the existing MoU between ICANN and the US Department of Commerce.

A senior member of ICANN stated that ICANN looked forward to adopting some of the ITU's well-proven practices, notably charging for membership and charging for access to documents, in order to recover publication costs and ease budget pressures.

A senior member of the ITU stated that ITU looked forward to adopting some of ICANN's well-proven practices, notably by charging two US cents per year for each telephone number, which would greatly alleviate the ITU's budget and permit significant actions to help bridge the digital divide. Other ICANN practices to be adopted by the ITU would include mandatory publication of the names and addresses of owners of telephone numbers, outsourcing policies regarding spectrum allocation to private forums composed of the concerned operators, and requiring operators to provide business plans and financial data.

ICANN and ITU announced that Mr Bernie Ebbers has been retained as a consultant for the development of reporting guidelines for operators.

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