ICANN Appoints Ombudsman
Date: Monday November 29 2004, @09:41AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

Just a few weeks ago Prof. Ethan Katsh asked where ICANN's ombudsman is. Now, fnord writes, "ICANN has finally appointed an Ombudsman. Frank Fowlie is a Canadian with UN and Canadian government experience. He is sufficiently clued to have his own website.

Fowlie was also apparently a Mountie chasing Arctic drugrunners. I didn't know there was such a thing so perhaps he was successful. One hopes he succeeds at his new post. I see that sorryworld.ca is still available just in case. -g"

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My request for independent review
by KarlAuerbach on Monday November 29 2004, @03:32PM (#14500)
User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
Now perhaps ICANN will get around to processing those requests for independent review that have been pending since shortly after ICANN's inception.

As far as I'm concerned the ombudsman is just another of Stuart Lynn's facade "reforms" - just like the ALAC, useless.

I'd like to be proven wrong and see the ombudsman force the board to publish minutes, to open its meetings, to open staff processes, deal with the exclusionary processes that have colored ICANN since the beginning, etc.
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Re:Will the Ombudsman Fix IPv6 DNS Problems ?
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Friday December 10 2004, @08:10AM (#14539)
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I can't by any stretch see why this would be within the purview of the Ombudsman. It is even a stretch to see why this would be within the perview of ICANN, but assuming that it is, only if ICANN made some sort of decision regarding it and some other party disagreed with that decision might the Ombudsman become involved.

The UK Register has an interview [theregister.co.uk] with the new Ombudsman Frank Fowlie. It seems he might read ICANNWatch. If so, for the record my remark regarding the non-existence of Arctic drug runners was due to the comment made by well known ethnobotanist Wade Davis [mumblage.com], another Canadian, that Arctic idigenous peoples were the only human culture he knew of, past or present, that didn't make use of mind altering substances. Of course that sadly no longer obtains with drug, alcohol and substance abuse running rampant. -g

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