ICANN Goes For the Jugular: VeriSign to lose .com?
Date: Sunday November 14 2004, @06:13AM
Topic: Lawsuits and Judicial Decisions

GeorgeK writes "ICANN has posted their latest litigation documents with regards to their suit with VeriSign. Reading the cross-complaint, ICANN is going for the jugular. It claims that Verisign is in breach of its .com agreement due to things like WLS, SiteFinder, Consolidate, etc.

It's hard to know who to cheer on in this battle of two loathed entities. I'll take the lesser of two evils, though, and hope that we'll be free of VeriSign forever, should ICANN be victorious. Most cases get settled, though, so I doubt that this one will go all the way to a decision, but stranger things have happened before..."

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