New Website for Domain Name Statistics Junkies
Date: Sunday September 26 2004, @06:14PM
Topic: Registrars

Ever since the demise of the "State of the Domain" web site those looking for current statistics on the domain name industry have been SOL wrt SOTD. Now Webhosting.Info has stepped into the breach with a useful and free site. The only thing lacking from this cornucopia of domain name industry statistics is the country codes.

WebHosting.Info is (or claims to be) the largest research and statistics portal dedicated towards the web services industry. Its new site is a collaboration with LogicBoxes (, a leading Registrar solutions provider.

WebHosting.Info’s Registrar reports provide an in-depth view of a registrar’s performance by presenting current as well as historical data on various attributes, such as:

Total count of domain names
Number of domains gained/lost
TLD-wise breakdown of domains
Which registrars are they gaining domains from
Which registrars are they losing domains to
Analysis of Domain Renewals and Newly registered domains

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I use Whois.SC instead, but that's just me
by GideonsLastSon on Thursday September 30 2004, @04:01PM (#14247)
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Looks like there are multiple options out there...
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Re:Looks Like Verisign is the Big Winner Not Count
by markht on Tuesday September 28 2004, @04:11PM (#14235)
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Its is only people like us, who have a history of being part of the internet governance changes, that ever know and care what split of their domain name fees go to Verisign.

Most people feel that $20 or $30 is a fair price to pay for their domain name per year, certainly it's a lot less than they pay for their hosting and/or email.

Despite being involved in domain names since 1995 I have stopped caring about a few dollars a year going to Verisign. I first felt like a competitor to Network Solutions (helping create the largest domain registrar in europe at that time (before registrars officially existed)), then I went to work for then (in the hopes of helping make them a better company), then I left them and went to work for another registrar, then I got out of the domain business and stopped caring as much:

In the past year I have paid over $100,000 to Google Adwords for promoting my domain (and made a nice profit from that advertising), so why should I care if I pay $7 or $20 or $30 for my domain in comparison? It is simply a cost of doing business. At the end of the day customer support and online tools mean a lot more to me than the price (even so, Network Solutions still loses my business :)

If I was a person who just wanted a domain name for their home page I might be concerned about what I pay for a domain (or I might just go use a subdomain) but no legitimate business is really concerned: all the complaints I see come from agitators, registrars who want a bigger slice of the pie, or (mostly) from domain speculators with thousands or tens of thousands of domains, to whom the difference between $6.50 and $6.60 a domain actually makes a difference to their bottom line.


P.S. First post here in a long time as I know that 80+% of the posts are just good old Jeffy Williams replying to himself.
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