Only the Applicants Know ICANN's Decisions. Why?
Date: Wednesday September 08 2004, @05:55AM
Topic: gTLDs hoping to enter the legacy root

Mike Sorros writes "Why do only the applicants know ICANN's decisions about new sTLDs, and not everyone? ICANN recently released its Comprehensive Evaluation of the Introduction of new gTLDs report, unfortunately only as a direct reaction to an article written by Richard Henderson and published here, which raised criticism about ICANN's openness and transparency.

The public has not yet been informed about the decision about who is allowed to enter into the negotiation phase of the New sTLD round. According to Jeff Pulver's blog, Pulver's ".tel" application will not be successful.

An open and transparent process would include open communication to the public, not closed communications made available only to the applicants, and would include the immediate announcement of the successful applicants."

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What else is new
by jberryhill on Wednesday September 08 2004, @08:25AM (#14113)
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It's not surprising. ICANN isn't saying anything about the money they collected from registrar applicants, who have now been shut out from registering .com names by a unilateral moratorium by Verisign on allowing any more registrars access to the shared registration system.

If you file a registrar application today, ICANN will gladly take your money and will not tell you up front that you will not be able to actually use your accredition in .com.

There was supposed to be an announcement "in a few days" quite some time ago, but ICANN has apparently decided not to announce the fact that they are engaging in criminal fraud by accepting those registrar accreditation checks from people who think they will become registrars that way.

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Do you think the board knows yet?
by KarlAuerbach on Wednesday September 08 2004, @11:36AM (#14116)
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Having been on the board, I can suggest that there is yet another possibility: that the board has not yet been informed of decisions made by "staff".
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Isn't It Obvious?
by sforrest on Thursday September 09 2004, @06:51PM (#14124)
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If only ICANN and the applicant are privy to the information, it prevents other current and future applicants from having a true understanding of the ICANN decision-making process. Lacking that knowledge puts applicants at a disadvantage in preparing their applications, and enables ICANN to make decisions based on its whims rather than via an established and understood process.

ICANN doesn't share the information because it is not in ICANN's interest to do so, even though it most certainly would be in the best interest of both current and future applicants and the Internet-using business community and public.
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