Noncommercials institute nomination process for the Internet Governance Working Group
Date: Sunday August 22 2004, @01:55PM
Topic: WSIS

The ICANN Noncommercial constituency (NCUC) has decided to develop a list of recommended "civil society" names to aid the UN Secretary-General in the selection of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG). The UN Working Group will be selected by Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, some time in early October. No one knows how large the group will be or what procedures it will follow, but the document mandating its creation requires that civil society, as well as governments and business, be represented.

The constituency group, which represents noncommercial civil society interests in ICANN's GNSO, will accept nominations until August 30. The group will try to develop a list of 10 names, 2 for each geographic region, with one person with technical expertise and the other more focused on policy. Names can be submitted to any member of the NCUC Executive Committee.

A consultation meeting on the WGIG will be held in Geneva September 20-21, and it is expected that that is the focal point of lobbying regarding the process, composition and procedures of the WGIG.

For background info about WGIG, see the WGIG web site.

The NCUC's list of recommended names has no formal status in the WSIS process but may assist the UN SG or his staff in making a selection. The NCUC expects to cooperate with ALAC and the WSIS Internet Governance caucus, a loosely organized group that proved unable to serve as the focal point for developing a list of nominess, to put forward whatever names can be agreed among the three groups.

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