SnapNames switches to an auction based system
Date: Monday August 09 2004, @07:42PM
Topic: Registrars

GeorgeK writes "SnapNames, one of the strongest backers of the controversial Wait-Listing Service (WLS) has made a 180-degree turn, and switched to an auction-based system. According to the interim website, 'You pay a success fee only if we successfully acquire a domain name for you. In the event of multiple back-orders for the same domain name, we'll conduct a short auction, and the winning bidder will be awarded the name.'"

"What about Network Solutions? Their Next Registration Rights site, which was powered by SnapNames, is currently unavailable.

After a long fight, it appears the anti-WLS forces have won, and the fight is over.....

Or is it?"

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by GeorgeK on Monday August 09 2004, @08:32PM (#14053)
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Looks like Next Registration Rights is back online, but nothing has changed.

SnapNames has now launched their site. It looks decent.

With bidding ids, they've added a bit of transparency to who is bidding, although not much. Wiser folks would choose obscure ones like "Donald Duck" or "Mickey Mouse", or "Disney Corp", etc. to fool other bidders, thinking strategically.

They've given bidding credits to prior SnapBack holders, instead of refunds, so that's a bit of a controversy. it's understandable, as they might not have the cash to be able to finance refunds for all, if funds were spent on funding operations the past few years.

They need to add alternative payment methods for higher priced auctions, such as Wire Transfers. One doesn't want to lose a name due to a credit card company refusing a large charge, when funds are sitting in the bank ready to be wired on a moment's notice.
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Getting Warmer...
by jberryhill on Tuesday August 10 2004, @05:42AM (#14054)
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Domain Name Acquisition and Management System and Method
U.S. Pat. Appln. No. 10/016497
Filed November 1, 2001

The claims not discussed in that previous ICANNwatch article relate to conducting a post-drop auction among participants who expressed interest in obtaining a domain. Surprise, surprise...

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