We Warned You (Budget Follies Edition)
Date: Wednesday May 19 2004, @02:40PM
Topic: Budget and Expenditures

The ability of ICANN to inspire optimism in the face of the facts never ceases to amaze me, especially when the optimism comes from really really smart people.

Here's Susan Crawford, fretting about how ICANN's latest budget--clocking in at circa 200% of last year's--just isn't lean like that ideal ICANN should be. Yet, the harshest she can bring herself to be is that the budget shows ICANN's view of itself is arguably inconsistent. That's telling them.

Bret Fausett is a little more skeptical, wondering politely "whether the ICANN envisioned in the budget is the ICANN that was endorsed in the reforms implemented in 2002. I'm not so sure it is."

Bret also notes the comments of Rob Hall, Registrar-Appointed Member of ICANN's Budget Committee: "The budget committee did not agree upon anything, least of all the increased fees. We were given the budget a week ago, and told this was it."

In other words, same as it ever was.

Not, of course, that there is anything surprising about an ICANN freed from any sort of outside control choosing to double its budget and staff. Why incentive is there to do anything different?

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