Independent Review Panel Appointed After Years of Delay
Date: Friday April 23 2004, @05:01AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

After five (!!!) years of delay, ICANN has selected the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, a division of the American Arbitration Association, to be the Independent Review Panel. The system is likely to be too expensive for the ordinary person, but it's a start.

I see this as one of the fruits of the VeriSign lawsuit, since it obviously looks beyond awful for ICANN to defend a breach of contract case when they were so flagrantly failing to live up to their promises. Not to mention that had this panel existed at the time of the suit, Verisign might have had to use it; whether that works retroactively is a fun legal question...

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by jimrutt on Friday April 23 2004, @07:16AM (#13428)
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Of all the various blunders by ICANN, I'd rate their refusal to name an independent review board as numero uno. Not only is it a thumb in the eye of the community, but through the infamous I.1.f of the Registry agreement, it basically made VeriSign immune to control via ICANN policies.

I.1.F: In the event that, at the time the ICANN Board establishes a specification or policy under the first paragraph of Definition 1 above during the term of this Agreement, ICANN does not have in place an Independent Review Panel established under ICANN's bylaws, the fifteen working day period allowed under Subsection (A) above to seek review shall be extended until fifteen working days after ICANN does have such an Independent Review Panel in place and Registry Operator shall not be obligated to comply with the specifications or policy in the interim.

===================== been there, done that
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I've had a request pending since year 2000
by KarlAuerbach on Friday April 23 2004, @06:38PM (#13432)
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I wonder whether they will even bother to deal with the requests that have been pending for years and years and years - I have one such request on the subject of the failure of ICANN to adhere to its own procedures in the choice of the lucky 7 TLDs in year 2000.

Are they going to demand that I pay? And if I win are they willing to roll-back, i.e. annul the lucky-7 TLDs awarded in year 2000?
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