NSI in breach of ICANN deal?
Date: Thursday March 25 2004, @11:26AM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Anonymous writes "TNL.net has an interesting story questionning NSI's right to sell the 100 year domain."

[Editor's note: As I understand it -- someone correct me if I'm wrong, please -- as a legal matter what they are selling is a contract to renew annually for 90 years. Being a registrar they can't actually sell registrations for longer than the registry will provide them. And that's 10 years. So while I think many of the other points in this item are well taken, I don't think there's an ICANN rules issue here in that orther registries could offer the same service. But again, please correct me if I'm wrong....-mf]

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Re:Why NSI Only?
by wipowatch on Friday March 26 2004, @04:08AM (#13277)
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You are right. GNR even advertised the coming of .name in the second level with words that do not conform to their agreement with icann.
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