Offers to Pay ICANN Legal Bills
Date: Tuesday March 02 2004, @04:37PM
Topic: Registrars

dmehus writes "Go Daddy Software, Inc., which operates under the brand name, has offered up to $100,000 to pay the legal bills of ICANN to fend off VeriSign's lawsuit. More details are available here."

"It's a stunning reversal, considering was part of a lawsuit by an ad hoc consortium of registrars that sought to deny ICANN from permitting Wait Listing Service from going forward. Nonetheless, it shows that we must all rally together behind ICANN, regardless if we like the corporation itself or not."

[Editor's note: Personally, I don't see how that last point follows. If ICANN wins we get a short-run advantage (no SiteFinder), versus a long-run cost (ICANN as regulator). And if you don't understand why that's an unattractive prospect...see any part of our archives. If ICANN loses we get some bad short-run stuff, but better outcomes, with more choices and lower prices, in the long run.

Here's one suggestion about how to look at this choice: which monopoly would be harder to dislodge or route around in five years: VeriSign's or ICANN's?]

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I'm not sure how that figures..,
by fnord ( on Tuesday March 02 2004, @05:38PM (#13052)
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I rarely disagree with your point of view Michael, but I don't see where lower prices, or even more choices, logically follow an ICANN crash and burn. Verisign has amongst (I haven't checked them all) the highest prices for registering a domain name, and they really don't want more choices (if that means new TLDs to compete with them, or anything to compete with them for that matter). Much as I dislike ICANN with a passion, I dislike Verisign even more. At least ICANN has a whiff of QUANGO to its existence, Verisign only answers to shareholders, if that. The Register has a good take [] on it, let's let the two of them crash and burn and give it to the ITU. -g
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