Lauren Weinstein Is Planning Ahead for the Site Finder Re-Launch
Date: Wednesday February 18 2004, @08:02PM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Spotted at Risks Digest:

Strategic planning for VeriSign restart of "Site Finder"
<Lauren Weinstein <>>
Tue, 10 Feb 2004 17:17:27 PST Given that VeriSign is strongly hinting that they'd like to soon restart their notorious and disruptive Site Finder domain diversion scheme (see: [link to Washington Post article]), I believe it would be prudent for the Internet community to begin planning now for appropriate legal, business, and technical actions and reactions for that or related possible eventualities.

The PFIR Forum on "E-Mail Issues, Problems, and Solutions":

is available immediately for this purpose as a starting point (even though Site Finder issues transcend e-mail). I can spin off a separate forum for this discussion later if traffic and circumstances warrant it. We need to be discussing these issues now so that if and when VeriSign starts the clock on a Site Finder reactivation we won't be blindsided again.

Also, any e-mail on this topic that is not suitable for the public discussion forum is invited at:

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