Verisign to make changes to the .COM/.NET (again)
Date: Friday January 09 2004, @03:04AM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

NetWizard writes "According to a recent NANOG post and an InfoWorld story, 'Verisign will change the serial number format and "minimum" value in the .com and .net zones' SOA records on or shortly after 9 February 2004'."

They seemed to have learned their lesson, from the post: "There should be no end-user impact resulting from these changes (though it's conceivable that some people have processes that rely on the semantics of the .com/.net serial number.) But because these zones are widely used and closely watched, we want to let the Internet community know about the changes in advance.)"

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by KarlAuerbach on Friday January 09 2004, @10:43AM (#12826)
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I'm not sure that I would agree that anyone has actually "learned" anything. Check out my comments on this matter in my blog at Is ICANN Blowing It Again? []
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