WIPO Poobah Uses T-word
Date: Thursday December 04 2003, @07:53AM
Topic: Laugh (or Cry)

Kamil Idris, director-general of WIPO -- an organization to which ICANN's prostrations have made a mockery of Jon Postel's principle of deference to existing, neutral authoritative sources -- has hopped on the "terrorist" bandwagon. "Piracy," he says, "is like terrorism today and it exists everywhere and it is a very dangerous phenomenon." He went on: "Combating piracy is not an easy task, but it requires efforts of governments and international organisations and of course the NGO (non-governmental organisation) community." Examples of the "combat" he cited reportedly included copyright on songs. Can domain names be far off?

Me, I'm inclined to laugh at the prospect. Domain names? Terrorist?! Right! But we've seen the nascent tendency of IPR *crats to "link" -- both in rhetoric and in reality -- unauthorized duplication of CDs with Terror. And we've certainly seen ample evidence of IPR *crats' transcendant love of FUD (for decades now: "Home taping is killing the music industry").

And, in the wake of 9/11, we saw how eagerly ICANN embraced Terror as a pretext to take its problem of public accountability out behind the barn and shoot it -- then replace it with a Stepford mandate of "security and stability" (two terms that, with extortionate sublety, are all but oozing the implications of their negation).

The point isn't what I think is likely, or even possible; rather, it's the ludicrous extremes that IPR *crats will go to in order to pimp their pet agencies. Yes, bogus pharmaceuticals are a Very Bad Thing. No, unauthorized duplication of CDs isn't the Same Thing. Yes, WIPO's chief has lumped them together. Just how likely is it that, if WIPO persists with this vaguery, ICANN will resist?

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WIPO's efforts are counterproductive
by KarlAuerbach on Thursday December 04 2003, @12:18PM (#12714)
User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
ICANN has been so distracted by trying to jump through the intellectual property owners' hoops that no real attention has been paid by ICANN to protecting against "T".

In addition, WIPO's claims are so outrageous that they have obscured the fact that there is a nugget of legitimate concern. Had WIPO been more willing to concede that trademarks do not cover names that are not used in commerce, had WIPO been willing to remember that there is a concept of fair use, and had WIPO been willing to admit that copyrights exist for the purpose of promoting future creation and that they exist only for a limited period of time, then perhaps WIPO would have found a more sympathetic reception.

One could describe WIPO as seeking to undermine the concept of limited protection of copyrights and substitute a jihad against anyone who copies anything, no matter the reason and no matter the circumstances. In a sense isn't what WIPO is doing in itself a form of "T" against established legal norm and cultural values?
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