FTAA Update
Date: Friday November 21 2003, @12:18PM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

The FTAA 3rd draft leaves the ICANN/UDRP provisions unchanged, unagreed, and probably optional. More details at discourse.net.

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Re:Free Trade Agreement
by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Monday November 24 2003, @05:44AM (#12690)
User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
There's a big difference between protecting intellectual property in general and to being compelled to join a specific dispute resolution process. The UDRP has had critics and studies suggesting possible unfairness, so some countries (such as Canada and the U.K.) have chosen to create their own dispute resolution procedures with some similarities but some differences.
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Re:Free Trade Agreement
by michael (froomkin@lawUNSPAM.tm) on Monday November 24 2003, @11:44AM (#12691)
User #4 Info | http://www.discourse.net/
I don't have a problem with IP treaties, although I wonder if they really belong in trade agreemets.

The problem here is that governments would be required to enforce the UDRP however ICANN might change it. Sovereign states should not be required to sign a blank check promising to enforce the dictates of a private corporation against their own citizens.
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Re:Free Trade Agreement
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Tuesday November 25 2003, @10:18AM (#12693)
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Anon writes:
Countries that sign the Free Trade Agreement should be bound by the UDRP.
Perhaps you could provide some rationale for your statement. In the case [icannwatch.org] of canadian.biz for example, a Canadian court summarily overturned a UDRP decision, and there are others. Why should a sovereign state make its laws meaningless in the face of UDRP rules born from questionable parentage? -g
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