Article: Spinning SiteFinder
Date: Tuesday October 07 2003, @11:04AM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Rick F. writes "Spinning SiteFinder: FUD, brought to you by VeriSign by Richard Forno"
[Editor's note: Richard Forno is the former Chief Security Officer at Network Solutions, now owned by VeriSign. The article includes a response to the October 6 op-ed, Innovation and the Internet by VeriSign Vice President Mark McLaughlin.-mf]

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Straw Man Arguments
by dtobias ( on Tuesday October 07 2003, @12:48PM (#12411)
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In addition to the Microsoftish straw man of claiming to be in favor of "innovation" and thus labeling any opponents as anti-innovation, the Verisign spin piece also has this line:

For this vocal minority, resentment lingers at the very fact that the Internet is used for commercial purpose, which ignores the fact that it's a critical part of our economy.

This is a tired, old straw man that goes back at least to the infamous spammer Martha Siegel who said something very similar about 10 years ago in an attempt to dismiss anybody who opposed her tactic of spamming her advertisement to thousands of newsgroups. Anybody who thinks that some particular (ab)use of the Internet for commercial purposes is undesirable is labeled as "anti-commercial", which is tantamount to being a communist, and hence somebody that needn't be listened to.

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