Status Quo Ante by 0100 UTC Sunday -- Offical
Date: Friday October 03 2003, @06:25PM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 17:50:02 -0400
From: Matt Larson [address]
Subject: Removal of wildcard A records from .com and .net zones

VeriSign was directed by ICANN to suspend the Site Finder service by 0100 UTC on Sunday, October 5. We requested an extension from ICANN to give more notice to the community but were denied. We will be removing the wildcard A records from the .com and .net zones beginning at 2300 UTC on Saturday, October 4. The former behavior for these zones (returning Name Error/RCODE=3 in response to queries for nonexistent domain names) will be in place by 0100 UTC on Sunday, October.

Matt Larson [address]
VeriSign Naming and Directory Services

Link to archived version of e-mail.
Dig the followups. ;>

I deleted the address to reduce the amount of spam likely to be directed in that direction...

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by jberryhill on Saturday October 04 2003, @06:48AM (#12394)
User #3013 Info

They requested an extension to give more notice to the community?

They didn't give any prior notice when they turned it on. Why would they need to give notice for turning it off?

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