UDRP's reversed? Trademark Law Breached
Date: Monday September 29 2003, @10:38PM
Topic: Laugh (or Cry)

Anonymous writes "www.dont-buy-budweiser.com www.budweiser-king-of-beers.com, www.mcdonaldss.com All these now point to the Verisign Sitefinder. Is this not a breach of Trademark? A Trademark infringement? Now there can be no more domain hearings on the use of names and if misspellings are breach of trademark as they all go to a paid advertising site anyway???!!! Does this mean that anyone who lost such a case should appeal on the grounds that this happens regardless of if the name has been paid for or if Verisign choose to use it FREE OF CHARGE!!! Cybersquatting Law Gets Re-Written overnight."

"Lawyers, you will make some money from this. Try it, type in an unregistered mispelt name, something ridiculous or a trademark mispelt, all go to Verisign who use them Free of Charge....They do not pay to use any of these names, www.mcdonaldss.com, with an extra s on the end as one of 1000's of examples. Now, how can a domain name registrant lose this name on grounds of trademark, so WASSUP??!! Let's all go to court and get money from Verisign for infringement... Cool, or am I missing any difference?"

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by RFassett on Tuesday September 30 2003, @06:36AM (#12333)
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if I seek to find www.budweiser.beer using IE (as most use), I am directed to Microsft's search page...try mcdonalds.bigmac...same result. ford.cars...same result. And here is an interesting one: try delta.faucet and delta.airlines...ok, so I can switch browsers...No, I am not a technologist so I must be stupid...but, in the end, what's the diff for the average user of the browser line? What has ever been the diff here? MSN search simply re-directs "new TLD's" that "do-no-exist" (for its own financial gain)...How is this different to Verisign typo's at the second level? Verisign is more of a monopolist than Microsoft? Someone had better inform the USG...budweiser.beer must be a typo because it is not registered, would be the logic...so, let's just continue to pretend it "does-not-exist" regardless of response to user query from MSN search.

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Re:Mistypes and competion
by jimrutt on Thursday October 02 2003, @09:02AM (#12349)
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This is a extremely shallow complaint re: Sitefinder. How doesn't the exact same logic apply to all the web search engines, but more so? You mistype you're query on a search engine, including "brand names" and you get stuff you don't expect. Duh.

At least Sitefinder is INFORMING you that you likely mistyped, and often provides a "do you mean?" link.

===================== been there, done that
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