Read This! 'ALAC Response to the Proposed sTLD RFP'
Date: Sunday August 31 2003, @07:17PM
Topic: gTLDs hoping to enter the legacy root

The ALAC may or may not be the most wonderfully constituted and legitmate body, but it has produced a very nice discussion paper on new gTLDs, entitled "ALAC Response to the Proposed sTLD RFP and Suggested Principles for New TLD Processes". If some of the arguments sound familiar, that's because they've been falling on deaf ears for years now. You can also see ICANN's announcement of the official request for comments.

As far as I know, no one from ICANNWatch had anything to do with the production of this paper.

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by RFassett on Tuesday September 02 2003, @10:13AM (#12143)
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From the ALAC Draft for Public Comment:

"Restricting eligible new TLD proposals to year 2000 applicants....would be ignoring the economic development of the past three years, and would be forcing applicants to ignore the collective experience of the Internet community in the past three years...."

This point from ALAC seems consistent to that of then president Stuart Lynn in Dec 2002:

"...favoring the original applications is interesting, but it is likely that with the passage of time the authors of many of the original applications would wish to update them to the point that they in effect become new applications." pic.htm

The Board needs to reconcile the fact that there has been community interpretation that "new applications" would be eligible that would not "favor original applications" as published above from the ICANN web site.

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New Applications
by cambler ( on Wednesday September 03 2003, @09:24PM (#12159)
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Indeed, I must agree that favoring the original applications isn't the best idea.

But having said that, as one of the original applicants, I must insist that the remaining original applications are addressed before new ones are processed. Not to the exclusion of new ones, of course - just that ICANN needs to finish what it started, as we, the still-pending applicants were specifically told that our applications were not turned down, but were still pending the testbed.

Many of us have been ready, not only in the 3 years since the first round, but for many years beforehand.

ICANN needs to finish what it started, and complete the first-round process - a process, I might add, that saw each applicant pay $50,000 to be told to "wait."

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