Air France wins "typosquatting" case
Date: Friday August 01 2003, @09:23AM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

dmehus writes "Air France, France's premier air carrier, has won a crucial WIPO decision and the right to take over a domain name that [in their view --tb] uses a garbled version of its name apparently to steer business toward other travel companies and some finance firms. It had argued that Alvaro Collazo, the Uruguayan owner of the domain, was guilty of typosquatting, or using a minor variation of a site name to nab customers who mistype the name.

The arbitrator said the use by Collazo of a "typographical misspelling" of the Air France trademark showed that he had registered his site in bad faith in order to create confusion and make money by offering links to other commercial domains.

Full details available in this article by Reuters."

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