Man Bites Dog -- VRSN Improves Its Customer Service
Date: Monday June 09 2003, @03:32PM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

The alternative being going out of business eventually, VeriSign, now re-re-badged as Network Solutions, may actually have stopped being as awful to its customers as it used to be. Or, so suggests Ed Foster, who's anything but a soft touch.

Of course "better than it used to be" doesn't equal "as good as the competition. There's more to customer service than a better interface (although that's a good start). Personally, I moved all my domains away from NetSol some time ago.

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Still Poor Service...Blocking Whois Queries!
by Ron_Bennett on Tuesday June 10 2003, @06:43PM (#11790)
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Many folks use Geektools and other similar on-line Whois query tools...well now it appears Network Solutions (VeriSign) is now blocking queries from many on-line services (maybe all?)...isn't this information supposed to be publicly available through *both* a Whois port *and easily* through an on-line web interface?

Guess not...

Checking server []

Verisign/Network Solutions has changed the policy regarding access to
their whois service. As a result of this change we can no longer
forward queries to them so you will need to use their server at

Please do not send us email about this as it is out of our hands at
this time. If you have questions or concerns about Verisign's
policy, you may contact them via e-mail at
or by phone at 888-642-9675 or 703-742-0914.

By blocking Whois queries, NSI is hurting registrants (some on-line services, such as domain name resellers use Whois to lookup registrant details - if no details, makes a domain that much more difficult to sell) while making it easier for spammers to hide...and lastly NSI appears to be collecting all sorts of private information on people too - they set lots of cookies on every lookup!

In saving pennies, NSI will lose many more dollars when folks like me recommend others to avoid NSI because of their continued nonsense, such as blocking Whois.
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