WHOIS Teleconference Scribed by Thomas Roessler
Date: Saturday May 31 2003, @06:27AM
Topic: Registrars

That controversial WHOIS telephone conference organized by the Registrars (which seems itself to have been in part a reaction to a series of secret DC meetings between Dept. of Commerce officials and various IP lobbyists such as AT&T's Marilyn Cade) was blogged by the intrepid Thomas Roessler. Former ICANN CEO Mike Roberts ran the proceedings. [See our earlier article and Ross Rader's thoughtful pre-teleconference response.]

Most ominous quote from the scribing:

Robin Layton with GAC hat on, not on behalf of DoC: GAC working group on WHOIS has identified initially four areas of public policy WRT whois they'd like to look at. Privacy. Intellectual Property. Consumer Interests. Law Enforcement (civil or criminal). Working on workshop for Montreal. Some thought on collaborating with GNSO on organizing two public forums (Tuesday and Wednesday morning).
Most intriguing quotes:
Elliot Noss: Interesting statement before him. Experience in dealing with FTC and law enforcement is much smoother than dealing with IP interests. Wants to react strongly to two remarks. IP representation, two-tracking. IP not outnumbered in comments. As a registrar, understand very well IP, commercial interests. See and live every day the problems faced by individual registrants. Registration leads to fraudulent solicitations re domain name. Small businesses miss renewal amidst this. Happens daily. A big problem to solve. Need clean-sheet look. Issues re ICANN contract enforcement which many people would like to deal with differently. WHOIS is suit which doesn't fit the owner. Urges IP interests: Instead of defending bulk access, appropriately lay out nature of specific needs how any system would be able to identify who legitimate user would be. Don't push this back to community. Propose. Registrars not against IP -- scratch their heads how to address their needs, while respecting non-IP registrants. Not on two sides of an issue. IP has responsibility to pick up and carry a couple buckets itself.


Tony Harris wants to add footnote: In line with Argentina privacy law, Argentina ccTLD will go to tiered access approach. No information on details yet, but happy to share when public.

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