NeuStar Outlines Timeline for the Launch of
Date: Wednesday May 14 2003, @06:33PM
Topic: gTLDs hoping to enter the legacy root

dmehus writes "NeuStar, the Registry Administrator for .US appointed by the U.S. DoC, recently announced (PDF) the timeline for the scheduled launch of According to the company press release, the actual "live" launch date is set for September 4th, 2003 and that's when will be entered into the .US zone file. Sunrise registration for trademark holders to "defensively register their registered trademarks and service marks" begins June 17th and ends August 15th."

"Jeffrey Ganek, Chairman and C.E.O. of NeuStar, Inc., offered this public statement, "We are very excited about the groundbreaking opportunity to manage the world's first trusted online forum for children under 13. NeuStar is looking forward to providing a trusted space for parents, educators and children to make the Internet a fun and educational experience for the youth of America.""

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Defensive Registrations
by jberryhill on Wednesday May 14 2003, @07:12PM (#11634)
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Incidentally, will soon be launching its sunrise period for defensive registrations of third-level domains.

For the low price of $500, I promise I won't set up a domain name of the form:

For an additional $200, I'll throw in the same vow in
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Re:.Kids Update
by dmehus on Thursday May 15 2003, @08:31AM (#11642)
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I also heard a rumour that's parent company, Idealab! [], is closing its Boston office and laying off workers. Another rumour is that may shut down soon.

Doug Mehus []
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Re:.Kids Update
by KarlAuerbach on Friday May 16 2003, @10:45AM (#11663)
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I have my own TLD - .ewe. So we could get .kids, .ewe, and .moo together and form the Barnyard Animals Supporting Organization (BASO) for ICANN.

And isn't .kids confusingly similar to Keds, a rather well known shoe trademark? I foresee UDRP trouble.

But seriously, I find the concept of purposed TLDs to be rather lame on multiple grounds.

Most folks seem to have forgotten that there is much more to the internet than the world wide web. A machine that offers children's web content can be simultaneously offering up a blue IRC channel or relaying pornographic spam.

And even within the spaces of the web I doubt that there is any umbrella large enough to cover material that is acceptable to Islamic parents of a 5 year old girl in Pakistan and also to Skateboard Hippy parents of a 15 year old boy in the Santa Cruz (California) mountains.

But what is really sad is that ICANN has effectively stopped the creation of any new TLDs, thus making all of this discussion completely moot.
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