2003 CIRA Elections
Date: Wednesday May 07 2003, @10:33AM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

Anonymous writes "CIRA (.ca) is holding their 2003 'elections' to the Board of Directors. They have 'appointed' CIRA-nominated candidates that run against MEMBER-nominated candidates, much the same way as the ICANN-@-Large was supposed to work. However, MEMBER-nominated candidates must receive 50 'show of support' from the MEMBERSHIP to be included on the final ballot. No one is even close to that number with only 13 days left before ballots close and voting begins (link to nominee page).

In previous elections, CIRA CAPITALIZED the names of their candidates and left MEMBER-nominated candidates in small caps on the ballots. This year, MEMBER-nominated candidates must agree to a statement of eligibility, which upon submission, are told the statement, given to them directly by CIRA, is ineligible and must be updated. They haven't fixed the problem as of yet."

"So don't think the problems with ICANN are unique, secret society insiders lurk everywhere, and CIRA, once the 'model of democracy' for tld operators, is following directly in ICANN's footsteps. When no member-nominated candidate gets on the ballot, what is to stop CIRA from terminating the process due to lack of interest? Corporate Interest is the ruling party, with Directors like Andrew Bjerring, President of CANARIE, being 'appointed' to the Board after his term expired - to represent CDN Internet users. If Andrew represents Canadian Internet Users, I'm the Playboy Bunny of the Month.

There are two websites following CIRA's actions... http://www.cadomain.com, in action for about 3 years, and http://www.cirawatch.com, a new BLOG about CIRA, sponsored by a large number of .CA Registrars. Cadomain.com is running a candidate in the elections."

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the sky is falling
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Saturday May 10 2003, @09:56AM (#11599)
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I don't see where CIRA has changed from when I covered last years BoD election here [icannwatch.org]. It isn't perfect but the trend to look more like ICANN doesn't seem to have gotten any worse. I do wonder (and worry) whether the Montreal ICANN meeting will be used as a time and place for CIRA to sign the ccTLD pay and obey contract.

While I can't find it to link to it (note to Editors, any chance of getting the older archives open to either the inhouse or a Google search?), I outed the infamous domain name spammer J. Tang (with the J. variously standing for Jack, Jay, etc.) here over a year ago. He was, and remains, a CIRA accredited registrar. I spoke to a staffer about how to get him disaccredited. The staffer's help and attitude did remind me of Kent Crispin. -g

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