Japan to breach ICANN Contract ?
Date: Wednesday March 12 2003, @06:27PM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

Anonymous writes: "Demys news reports that JPRS, one of only a handful of ccTLD managers that has signed an ICANN contract, will support the new standard for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) from March 20. The specifications and policies section of the JP-ICANN contract (February 2002) appears to prohibit such use. Any assitance in interpreting attachment "G" is appreciated. If this interpretation is correct, have JPRS and ICANN modified the ICANN contract, is JPRS in material breach of ICANN "consensus" policy? If so what will ICANN do?"

[tbyfield notes: Indeed. The Demys article says:
While these are laudable activities, other registries, such as the French naming authority AFNIC, have warned that the introduction of IDNs could give rise to a flood of domain name registrations that might be harmful to trademark holders. In a recent comment AFNIC have pointed out that even ASCII/non-ASCII conflicts could cause harm, such as, for example, the registration of "café.fr" diverting traffic from a pre-existing domain name "cafe.fr".
Ultimately, the question people need to ask is which they value more, linguistic diversity or proprietary certainty? If the internet is going to continue to expand, both in breadth and in depth, then diversification of DNS is necessary. As it stands, intellectual property claimants are in effect relying on the continued use of ASCII to stave off any modernization of DNS that could "harm" their ability to exploit an artificial linguistic scarcity. The analogies to the recording industry's "leveraging" of physical media to maximize profits by staving off innovation are clear.]

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They're quick off the mark
by ukryule on Wednesday March 12 2003, @11:06PM (#11316)
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It seems that JPRS announced this [jprs.jp] on the same day as the RFCs for IDNs were announced [ietf.org] (last Friday).

What's interesting is that they're saying they will support IDNs from March 20th ... that's the week before the next ICANN meeting in Rio [icann.org], which plans to discuss (amongst other things) International Domain Names. A little bit of oneupmanship, so that when the topic is discussed they can casually mention that they've already sorted it all out!

However, as I read it, they have not yet given any information about when and how they will go about registration; it's only when the actual registration starts that they have to get agreement with ICANN - something I assume they'll be pushing for at the meeting.

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