ITU's ccTLD DNS Survey Finds Many Errors
Date: Tuesday February 25 2003, @04:11AM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

Steven Heath writes "ITU has released a survey (.pdf) completed in the middle of February that queried all 243 ccTLD's name servers. This is one of the documents for the up coming ITU ccTLD Workshop.

An interesting part includes "It would be expected that there would be no mismatches between the root and a ccTLD over the ccTLD's name servers. The reality is very different. 155 of the ccTLDs do not have the same NS records for the TLD as in the root, their parent zone. In other words, 64% of the ccTLDs have mismatched delegation information between themselves and the root."

"There is no excuse for this."

"It then goes on about many ccTLD's are in 'dispute' with ICANN and that would be a reason for some of these mismatches. Then it goes on to say that most of the mismatches are not serious. Gee, thanks for the scare mongering.

Overall an interesting 8 pages of data.

Is the ITU aiming this document as wakeup call for the ccTLD's or ICANN, or both?

Is it just showing that it has 'clue' in this area and trying to win some points?"

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Operations of the root are important.
by on Tuesday February 25 2003, @09:52AM (#11242)
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>Gee, thanks for the scare mongering.

So, we should just let the problems fester until they become serious, then try to fix them? Some of us take the DNS a bit more seriously than that.

>Is it just showing that it has 'clue' in this area and trying to win some points?

Given how little clue the ICANN board has shown on technical topics, showing that you know something should give you points. Why didn't ICANN know about this years ago? Why didn't they fix it? Any zone administrator should have done a better job than this.

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It is easy to check for this mismatch
by KarlAuerbach on Tuesday February 25 2003, @03:18PM (#11248)
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As an example of how easy it is to check for consistency between the delegated-from zone and the delegated-to zone take a look at []

By-the-way, that checking is done using only normal net operations, no zone transfer is performed.

Let's see, Patrik Fältström, is doing 10,000 such checks each day - at that rate he could check the validity of the roughly correctness of the delegations for all of the roughly 250 TLDs (including the ccTLDs) in much less than an hour.

In fact, somebody over at ICANN could write a simple script to push all the TLDs through Patrik's script every now an then.
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The Study is from Nominum, not ITU
by rhill on Wednesday February 26 2003, @01:42AM (#11249)
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As you can see by clicking on the link provided for the referenced study, the study has been made by Nominum and sumbitted to the ITU-T Workshop. The study has not been made by ITU.

Richard Hill
Counsellor, ITU-T SG2
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