UDRP Reform: Making policy by doing nothing
Date: Thursday February 20 2003, @01:41PM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Remember the Names Council's UDRP Task Force? Its terms of reference were drafted back in June of 2001. The Task Force was assembled back in August of 2001. There was a sense of urgency, as criticism of the fairness of UDRP and problems with its procedure became apparent. What happened? Where did it go? What has it produced?

Nothing. Nowhere. Nothing. The TF Chair, J. Scott Evans of the Intellectual Property Constituency, has not even sent a message to the group list in a month.

Now even the Task Force members are getting restive. Listen to the politely controlled anger of Ethan Katsh, the eResolutions representative on the TF, who yesterday sent the following message to the TF list:

"This task force has been in existence for so long that I find it difficult to accept any excuse for the ongoing level of inactivity or [lack of] productivity. As with most institutions and communities, there are groups that benefit from the status quo and are, therefore, quite satisfied when nothing changes. I can understand that managing this task force so that it never does anything substantive may be welcomed in some circles."


Now how is it that ICANN's "democracy" and "bottom up" get blamed for ICANN's inability to do anything useful, when we all know that there are, uh, other reasons for its incapacity?

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