'ccTLD Development Meetings?' Suggests Nominet's Steve Dyer
Date: Saturday February 15 2003, @08:01PM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

CapnB writes "Steve Dyer, CoM member of Nominet and Chairman of CentralNic recently suggested on the Nominet steering list that maybe Nominet should run meetings like RIPE, etc. "based loosely around Domain Name and Nominet issues". What do you guys think? Steve's email follows...

I don't know how many people on this list have ever been to a RIPE meeting, but they run a system where anybody with an interest can turn up for a few days to a large hotel/conference place and join in with working groups on topics of interest. They can also speak, and hear presentations on current stuff. The final plenary session summarises the conclusions of the various working groups. In the evenings there are social sessions, some sponsored by people like Cisco, Exchangepoint and even CentralNic, but the emphasis is mostly on drink & chat rather than selling.

RIPE's policy direction, and a good deal of technical stuff, is discussed exchanged and developed. It's actually a worthwhile experience for Internet people.

It costs about 2-300 euros, plus hotel bills (they get a group discount) and travel.

I was wondering how many people might be interested in attending a similar three-day (?) event based loosely around Domain Name and Nominet issues if Nominet had such a thing in the UK in some easy central point - Birmingham, London?

I guess Nominet staff, the PAB, Government people, reps from BT/C&W, some ccTLD registries, VeriSign, Lawyers, trademark people, DRS pannelists and members would all be represented. I doubt it would be as large as a RIPE meeting but I would hope that it might be an opportunity to meet people from quite a representative cross-section of the industry.

I guess it would cost of the order of £500-600 all in depending on travel costs. (Obviously it could be cheaper if one attended just for the days, but residential makes the thing work better.)

This is just an idea of mine, not Nominet policy or a commitment from Nominet but it would be useful to know how many could indicate that they would most likely attend such an event(s)?

Personally, I think it's an excellent idea, and judging from responses on the Nominet lists it's being well received there too..."

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More physical meetings?
by vbertola on Monday February 17 2003, @12:10AM (#11167)
User #3435 Info | http://bertola.eu.org/
It could be a good idea, but I'd like to see less physical meetings and more online discussion. Not everyone has an employer who can pay for his/her attendance to all these events.
--vb. (Vittorio Bertola)
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