Recent events may hint at changes afoot
Date: Thursday February 13 2003, @10:42PM
Topic: The Big Picture

AF writes "In her recent article at CircleID, Ronda Hauben indicates: 'The debate over what management structure is needed to transform ICANN has moved from "Foreign Affairs" and some online discussions to the halls of Oxford University. Last week there was a one day event at Oxford on how to transform ICANN. There was also a meeting in Berlin on these issues. The coverage of these is limited to the few online publications that can afford to send reporters.

Just as ICANN's origins are shrouded in secrecy, the discussion and plans to transform ICANN go on in secret, with a few public events happening to hint that there may be some changes afoot."

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[I'm not sure I'd describe a meeting co-organized by the university's Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy and the Oxford Internet Institute as taking place "in the halls of" that august institution; in point of fact, it took place in the Oxford Union. And I definitely wouldn't follow that up by describing these discussions as "go[ing] on in secret," given that notices appeared in publications like Need to Know, which is hardly known for averting its gaze in the presence of hierophantism. And nor is it accurate to say that coverage was limited "to the few online publications that can afford to send reporters": El Reg isn't exactly rolling in dough, and there are lots of online publications that could afford to cover the event but simply didn't bother to do so. Yes, ICANN is faulty on the transparency and accountability fronts. But one could just as easily point at the recent discussions at Nominet and CENTR as evidence that there are discussions going on about the future of the net. That's a good thing. -- tbyfield]

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