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Date: Friday February 07 2003, @09:17AM
Topic: Laugh (or Cry)

That's the question. The answer apparently depends on the context. There's a (very big) web site at, part of the UK's much hyped push towards e-government, and the domain resolves fine, but the contractual version of the story is kinda murky....

It seems that the domain name predates Nominet, and that there's no actual piece of paper that proves Parliament is the rightful owner of the domain. Fearing perhaps that a band of Parliamentary thugs lead by the Beast of Bolsover may be cybersquatting, Thwait has refused to issue an SSL certificate without some sort of written proof of ownership.

Seems to me they could just pass a statute and be done with it, but I guess that's not how things work over there...

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.US not better than .UK, and .GOV?
by isquat on Saturday February 08 2003, @05:17AM (#11121)
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The whois data for domains like

would probably also not suffice then.

As for .gov domains, I cannot even get a reply from the whois.

Why is this acceptable for .US and .GOV but not for .COM?
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