UDRP Filings Plummet
Date: Thursday February 06 2003, @08:01PM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Law.com reports that domain name disputes are getting less frequent: "The number of UDRP proceedings has dropped by almost half in the last two years, and by nearly 30 percent in just the last year. Last month's 136 filings represents a two-year low. And this is the case even though domain name registrations during the period have remained at a steady 29 million."

The article gives these reasons:

  • Cybersquatters have learned that,it doesn't pay, be it the dot.bomb economy, or the increase in tools by which trademark holders can pry away domains;
  • Trademark owners have learned that it doesn't always pay to fight, especially as search engines improve and people depend on them for navigations;
  • Some of the surge in early caseload was the "low hanging fruit" -- the clear cybersquatting cases -- and much of that fruit has now been picked;
  • Trademark owners have also learned to pick their battles to avoid the bad publicity that comes from the wrong claims;
  • The default rate is dropping, making comlainants more wary;
  • Markholders are learning that even if they win a UDRP case against a parodic or critical site, they'll lose that one in court.
It's an optimistic story, and I hope it's true.

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Why bother, indeed
by phoffman@proper.com on Friday February 07 2003, @09:07AM (#11113)
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Many speculator-cybersquatters will take almost anything over $100 for the names these days. This is the way it should be: the legal system is available, but priced high enough to deter abuse. Well, it should also be fair, which the URDP falls short of, but is probably approximately as fair as typical local small-claims courts (which isn't a great standard, admittedly).
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I told ya so....
by Mueller ({mueller} {at} {syr.edu}) on Friday February 07 2003, @10:46AM (#11115)
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